Engine Repair

Not only can we replace your vehicle’s engine with a brand new or re-built engine, we also expertly service your engine’s accessories and perform basic engine maintenance so that your car will last well past the life of the payment book.

We are specialists in changing your car’s fluids, filters and lubricants. Regularly changing your vehicle’s fluids (and ensuring that all the fluids are “topped off”) will add many miles to the life of your vehicle’s engine while returning the most fuel efficiency possible.

Alternators, water pumps, fuel pumps, etc. sometimes fail. When they do, your vehicle will need to be serviced by a professional technician in order to get it up and running at its peak performance again. In “the good old days” a driver could sometimes make these replacements at home, but modern cars feature computer-controlled and coordinated systems that require specialized knowledge to repair correctly.

Just like the rest of your car, its belts and hoses are subjected to high pressures, corrosive liquids, high temperatures and the like. Not only do these parts seem to always fail at the most inconvenient times, they can also operate at reduced effectiveness and jeopardize the other components of your vehicle. Belts, hoses and similar components should be inspected periodically and replaced by a qualified technician when necessary.